Our experienced team of engineers are able to deliver a service without fault. All of our team are practitioners in studio and live engineering so have a deeper understanding of what it takes for a successful installation.

During the planning stage we always endeavour to provide a degree of future proofing and flexibility that enables any facility to work both within their normal everyday requirements and easily transition to provide that quirky extra. Bespoke patch panelling gives access to every feature of the studio and allows for creative tangents from the everyday norm.

The image above displays a facility that functions as normal within the studio environment but with all connections via VEAM patch panels and mobile racks. The studio can be quickly and seamlessly unhitched and wheeled out the door to provide the same studio and track count to any room or venue within the facility or on the road.

Within education there is often demand for Multi-Workstation based DAWs. We are able to advise, plan and install these for maximum functionality and workflow.