In a world of increasingly reliable wireless technology, conference facilities have evolved.

No longer is a shared cable passed from one contributor to the next.

The interruption to communication and the flow of demonstrations while each user adjusts their laptop settings is simply unacceptable.

Presentations and meetings need to be seamless and 100% reliable.

We have an excellent track record providing installation and technical advice for everything from lecture theatres to small conferences with private break out rooms.

We work with the most advanced systems and consult with the leading technical providers to make the whole ‘tech support’ side of your event or installation practically redundant – plug and play is a phrase we love and adhere too.

Another side to our AV offer is within the leisure industries. Hotels, clubs, pubs and gyms all employ AV systems to enhance the experience of their clientele in a variety of ways.

Music videos, sporting events, dynamic signage to name a few. Whatever the end use, the quality of product and installation are the key to success.