Do you need help with a project?

Should you buy or hire equipment?

Are your needs permanent – a restaurant that needs a background music system, a company that requires a conference facility, a gym without AV or an education institution setting up a Music Technology suite?


Are your needs temporary – planning a one off event or organising a small festival?

With the advancing levels in technical support for audio visual communication,  we think you would be surprised what you can achieve for your budget.

Whatever the situation, we are here to advise.

Our company motto is “All projects are different, every project is unique”



Adrian Packer CBE – Founder and CEO Core Education Trust

Dec & Mat provided technical support for major events and projects I managed in Birmingham...

Dec & Mat provided technical support for major events and projects I managed in Birmingham and Liverpool.

In the case of the former, this involved overseeing all technical elements of a major live performance event with over a hundred performers in the city centre. In addition to this, Dec oversaw the design, procurement and installation of a major recording studio build at a new specialist academy in the city.

Each of these projects, involved very different skillsets. They both adapted well to this challenge. They are solution focused practitioners with a naturally collaborative disposition.

In the case of the Liverpool project, they negotiated complex problem solving issues, working with multiple stakeholders on a high profile live performance tour event at various venues across the city. The complex logistics and the demanding work scheduled were contemplated with focus, poise and professionalism.

Stephanie Darkes – Creative Director Purley Festival

I worked with Mat and Declan for 5 years on Purley Festival, a community festival...

I worked with Mat and Declan for 5 years on Purley Festival, a community festival in SE London.

In that time, with their help we grew the festival from 2000 people to 10,000 with three stages and an enviable sound system.

Mat and Dec ran the music / tech side of things incredibly professionally – they are leaders in their field. Stage management, set up, sound tech, get out etc, they were wonderful to work with.

Knowledgable and always wanting to get the best sound with massive smile on their faces. They are my ‘go to’ team for any future projects.

Martin Locket, Production Industry consultant and investor.

Mat and Dec have provided Audio support for numerous productions and events over the decade...

Mat and Dec have provided Audio support for numerous productions and events over the decade I have known them. 

Their passion, commitment and enthusiasm shines through and is a major factor in the quality of the end result they achieve.

Liz Penney – Music Education Consultant and Tutor

I worked with Dec and Mat for 13 years and witnessed their expertise on a...

I worked with Dec and Mat for 13 years and witnessed their expertise on a daily basis.

In addition to their combined knowledge and understanding of Music, Sound and Technology, what I miss most is their ability to know exactly what was required in many and varied settings.

As the former Director of Music at The BRIT School, I am forever in their debt. I’ve yet to meet anyone who insists on ‘getting things right’ more than the two of them.

Music in Education

The demands for audio facilities within education have grown exponentially over recent years.

Having successfully planned, installed and taught in these facilities for more than 2 decades at the prestigious BRIT School for Performing Arts, we are in a unique position to understand the demands.

The Music Technology Suite in this image was installed with multiple headphone distribution at each DAW to enable collaborative work.

All stations’ audio is cabled back to the Master Workstation via a switchable monitor system.

This enables peer to peer demonstration & feedback sessions. Perfect for G.C.S.E., A Level or vocational qualifications.

Live Events

We have a long and successful history of providing event logistics under the most stressful and time pressured conditions.

We have always considered these situations to be a welcome challenge and have repeatedly delivered an experience that was above and beyond expectations, whilst remaining on budget.

Our technical expertise, that has encompassed everything from a small conference situation up to a full scale multiple artist festival, we consider to be a unique advantage.

We offer a complete 360 degree level of event management that could  involve:

  • Site Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety Assessment
  • Commissioning of electrical safety checks – generators, earthing etc.
  • Staging and logistics.
  • Event planning – including artist and management liaison.
  • Technical and personal tour rider provisions.
  • Front of House and Monitor engineers.
  • Back line support.

We can make your event a success. Whether it’s a single guest speaker or multiple bands – our priority is to ensure they are comfortable and catered for to give their best without concern.


Our Team

A good team is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a subtle mix of talent, personality and leadership. Which is why we understand each organisation needs a different approach.


In a world of increasingly reliable wireless technology, conference facilities have evolved.

No longer is a shared cable passed from one contributor to the next.

The interruption to communication and the flow of demonstrations while each user adjusts their laptop settings is simply unacceptable.

Presentations and meetings need to be seamless and 100% reliable.

We have an excellent track record providing installation and technical advice for everything from lecture theatres to small conferences with private break out rooms.

We work with the most advanced systems and consult with the leading technical providers to make the whole ‘tech support’ side of your event or installation practically redundant – plug and play is a phrase we love and adhere too.

Another side to our AV offer is within the leisure industries. Hotels, clubs, pubs and gyms all employ AV systems to enhance the experience of their clientele in a variety of ways.

Music videos, sporting events, dynamic signage to name a few. Whatever the end use, the quality of product and installation are the key to success.

Commissioning & Training

All of our team have experience in both operation as live and studio engineers as well as installation.

This affords us the confidence to promise a fully operational system that meets the client’s exact requirements.

Each completed installation will be tested and commissioned to ensure total functionality & reliability for the end user.

We also have team members who have spent over 20 years in the teaching profession.

While we do not offer ongoing qualification based courses, we are able to offer excellent initial training to individuals or small groups.